Meet our new Hygienist, Lindsay

13 Feb

Lindsay was born in Southern California, and moved to Vermont when she was two years old. She attended the University of Vermont for two years prior to transferring to Vermont Technical College School of Dental Hygiene where she graduated in 2014. Lindsay had always wanted to go into the medical field and a large decision in becoming a hygienist was because of her mom. Her mother worked in a clinic that dealt with patients who had chronic TMJ pain. Spending time with her mom there was always one of Lindsay’s favorite things to do and that was really what pushed her in to the dental field.

Lindsay always knew that she wanted to get back to her west coast roots so she moved to the Las Vegas area in 2018, and fell in love with the vibe of the city. She loves that there are so many beautiful places to hike at around town and is super excited to bring along her 5 month old puppy. Since she has been in Las Vegas, she had the incredible opportunity to go to Sri Lanka and provide free dental care to the children there. Lindsay also loves giving back to the community so she stays active in volunteering in free dental days here in the Las Vegas area. She is extremely passionate about providing excellent care to her patients in a gentle manner.

Lindsay says she is excited to be a part of the team at Dentistry for Families because, “they have such an amazing dynamic.” She loves that at this dental office everyone is treated like a part of the family, whether you are a patient or a staff member.


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