Dump The Denture

Dump The Denture

Tired of having to take your teeth out?

Tired of your teeth falling out?

Tired of food getting stuck and having to rinse them out in the bathroom?

Tired of not being able to laugh or smile worried that they will pop out?

Tired of having to get them adjusted because of sore spots?

Tired of breaking teeth off?

You don’t have to suffer any longer! Dr. Zac has a variety of options for patients that have an existing dentures that are ready for change. Whether it’s an overdenture or an All on 4 hybrid denture we have the right solution for you.

What is an overdenture?

An overdenture is where a traditional denture, or partial denture, is used and attaches to either existing teeth or implants using special attachments that allow it to “pop” in and out. The denture snaps in allowing you to eat, laugh, talk, and smile without the fear of popping them out. It is still recommended that they are taken out at night and cleaned regularly. Although not restoring complete functionally it usually doubles the chewing efficiency on most patients. In some cases the existing denture can even be used without having to make a new one.

If you are interested in a prosthesis that you don’t have to remove then the All on 4 hybrid denture (link to that page) is what you have been dreaming about!

For a free consultation with Dr. Zac regarding an overdenture or All on 4 hybrid denture call 702-633-4333 today!