COVID-19 Office Update

It is always our number one priority to keep our patients safe. We will continue to use our universal precautions. We will be adding additional precautions recommended by the CDC and ADA due to the current threat of the COVID-19 virus.

Please be advised of the following:

  1. If you have traveled outside the country, you must be in the USA for 14 days symptom free before being seen in the office.
  2. If you are experiencing a fever or cough, you must reschedule treatment after you have been symptom free for 5 days.
  3. If you are over the age of 80, you should not have elective dental treatment at this time.
  4. Regardless of age, if you are dealing with systemic issues, you are at a higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19. If treatment is not a true emergency, either contact your primary care physician or Dr. Zac before proceeding with elective dental treatment. These conditions include:
    1. Uncontrolled cardiac conditions or congestive heart failure
    2. Chronic respiratory conditions
    3. Diabetes
  5. If you are of the ages 60-79, and healthy, you are at a slightly higher risk than younger ages. We are comfortable treating you unless you wish to postpone treatment at this time or wish to consult your primary care physician before treatment

In our front office we have removed all refreshments, toys, and reading material. The front reception, bathroom, and all common services will be wiped down every 60 minutes. The back will continue to use our already established and effective universal precautions against the spread of disease.

Before patients are treated:

  • they will be required to rinse with 1.5% hydrogen peroxide
  • have their temperature taken

Please be aware that Dr. Zac reserves the right to reschedule patients at any time for the safety of staff and other patients.

Thank you for your cooperation!


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