dental services

13 Feb

Meet our new Hygienist, Lindsay

Lindsay was born in Southern California, and moved to Vermont when she was two years old. She attended the University of Vermont for two years prior to transferring to Vermont Technical College School of Dental Hygiene where she graduated in 2014. Lindsay had always wanted to go into the medical field and a large decision

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13 Nov
teeth whitening

Service Spotlight: Teeth Whitening in North Las Vegas

We would probably all like to have some A-list, movie-star good looks, but as your dentist, I can only help with your teeth. Fortunately, teeth whitening is a quick and effective way to improve your smile and roll back the effects of time. Our teeth become discolored for two primary reasons. We typically start out

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8 May
dental injuries

Tooth Busters 101: Dental Injuries and What to Do

We might have helmets, mouth guards, and padded playgrounds, but our children will still find ways to hurt themselves. When do you “rub some dirt on it,” and when do injuries to the mouth mean it’s time to find a dentist in North Las Vegas? At Dentistry for Families, we understand that accidents happen. Sometimes

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28 Mar
dental anxiety

Relaxing in the Dentist’s Chair

Just the anticipation of the dental drill can make some people nervous enough to avoid their dentist for months, or even years! The fear of the experience is usually worse than any actual discomfort. Fortunately, in my North Las Vegas dental practice, we utilize the best dental techniques for helping you to be calm and

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